Books I Read: Thoughts from "Make It Stick"

Sticky.  Get it?

Sticky.  Get it?

One of the books I read this summer was "Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning". It's a rare example of a good book about education and learning (in that it's based on research, and not pedantically proscriptive about what should or should not be done--what a concept!). Having has some time to digest it a bit, I developed a few documents for use by teachers and students that draw on the work discussed in the book:

  1. I made this stream-of-consciousish list of the major points that resonated with me as I made my way throught the book.
  2. Here's a learning plan for AP Biology that draws on the items discussed in #1 along with some of the work done by the inimitable Bob Kuhn.

Take a look at either/both of these, and feel free to modify them to suit your needs. And if they seem interesting, give the book a read.

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