Well at least I'll still get e-mail.

I found this link over at pharyngula (thank you, Mr. Myers). Artist Rendering of Said \ promises to send up to 150 mb of electronic documents through "the e-mail" to all of your various godless loved ones after you've been raptured up to heaven with the rest of the true believers.

How doth such a thing work, you ask? Simple. The system automatically sends all of the various stored documents to all of the designated heathens when 3 out of 5 of the operators of the site fail to log in for 3 days. This means they were "raptured" (and bully for them, I say).

I think my favorite thing about it all is that the makers of the site assume that 40% of their saintly team is possibly not that saintly after all.

My second favorite thing is their list of suggested documents to send to the sinners.

NOTE: This website is freely accessible on the computers at my high school, but I had to get my MIS department to unblock the IUCN Red List. Though I do agree that endangered species are admittedly obscene.

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