Cat Profile #1: Onion-Smooth

Future-Wife and I have three cats in our tiny, tiny apartment. And since I now run this blog, what better use of my time is there than to profile my three beasties. So without further ado, I bring you the first in my three part series profiling the native felines of my domicile: Native Feline #1: Zwiebel the Hairless Purebred Sphinx.

Zwiebel is a thinker.Zwiebel (German for "Onion") is a purebred sphinx cat. The sphinx breed is notable for their lack of any particular body hair. The trait appeared spontaneously in a litter in the 1960's and someone with a sense of humor decided to breed for it. Add a pinch of friendliness and a dash of energy and you have to modern established breed.

Our youngest cat, Zwiebel came about as a result of a passing thought shared between Future-Wife and I one rainy December Saturday. A simple Joke that if we were to get a third cat, it would have to be hairless so as to not contribute to our already marked amount of shed cat hair in the apartment. This lead future wife to research sphinx breeders and discover one in a local municipality...with kittens for sale. The breeder's claim to produce cats that achieved "onion-smooth baldness" led to the moniker, by way of a Future-Wife friend who speaks fluent German.

I'd wager that Zwiebel is more needy than any cat you have ever had. The cat must be bathed regularly, as the oils that he produces in his skin are not wicked away by a coat of fur. Likewise he is prone to ear wax build up and a condition that Future-Wife has affectionately termed "eye boogies". It is claimed that Zwiebel will fight you!sphinx's can get sunburned, though that has yet to happen. I'd also be lying if I didn't admit that we have to wipe his posterior on occasion following fecal egress. But all in all, it's a small price to pay for such an awesome addition to the family.

A note about propriety: While I do appreciate the ridiculousness of shelling out a substantial sum for a purebred cat when so many are available at the local animal shelter, I also appreciate the ridiculousness of a bald cat and the later vastly outweighs the former in my estimation.

Technically, Zwiebel is a "tuxedo" sphinx. The reason for this should be obvious if you view the picture to the right. Visitors to our little home either love him as an adorable, cute and silly beast or they wonder aloud why we would ever permit such a thing to live with us. Either way, he serves as possibly the best example that I have at my immediate grasp as to why Intelligent Design advocates really haven't thought their position though.

Those readers who want more sphinx for thier efforts are encouraged to visit youtube where all sorts of lovely videos about sphinx cats can be viewed until you just can't take it any more.

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