And the Shnook shall inherit the web.

Here's the "Larry Sinclair" video from youtube.  I post this only to show that the much-hallowed internet revolution that is taking place in this campaign cycle is not necessarily a good thing. It's one thing when a candidate gets tagged saying something stupid on a webcam. It's a whole other thing entirely when any shnook with a webcam can make a ridiculous series of accusations. And this guy is the Shnook King...I mean, this guy ever had a limo? If I was an Illinois State Legislator looking to get high and have a homosexual encounter, I don't think I'd pick Larry Sinclair to spend my weekend blow-money on.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I have to make a video about how John McCain carjacked me while high on crystal meth and made my dog (who was in the back seat) engage in sexual congress with an African White Rhino.

God Bless the Internet Age.



See You There.