Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

If you have a moment this evening, you should really check out CNN...for like five minutes.  Then you'll want to shut it off immediately.  Here's my review of five minutes of Larry King Live (the first five minutes of said show that I have seen in years). Larry is talking to Candy Crowley about Obama's upcoming veep nomination.  Apparently the shoe is going to drop imminently.  CNN cuts to reporters outside of Joe Biden's house, Evan Bayh's house and Tim Kaine's house.  Shot of an elbow through the window.  Possibly Ms. Bayh?  Larry King drools slightly.  Much discussion of the famed "text message" generates my favorite quote of the evening from Madam Crowley.

"I know young people. I have a few myself, and nothing excites the youth more than a text message."

This bullshit has been going on all afternoon.  I can't think of a better example of why 24-hour news stations should be outlawed immediately.

The wife has turned the Olympics back on.  They are doing a fluff piece about shaolin monks.  Some crazy dude does a handstand on his fingertips.  Bob Costas makes dumb comments.

I think I'm going to bed soon...

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