Scenes From The Monkey House: What Happened To Last Week?

Blink and it's gone.  A brief synopsis of last week and why I was too busy to tell you what was going on: 1. The wife and I picked up Rock Band 2 on sunday.  Now we are in a rock band.  We rock (sort of).

2. A busy work week.  Running through an AP curriculum at sub-warp speed.  Investigating the supporting evidence for the wave mechanical model by taking two classes through both bright line spectrum analysis and flame tests.  Dealing with pressing union issues (our shitters, it appears are flooded).  Getting to sit in on a tour of the basement (shudder) AND a meeting with all of the custodial meddle that our district offers to know the precise state of the building's waste disposal system.  Prepping for another AP lab (5 down, seven left).  Home tutoring the injured.  Collecting money/signatures for implied money.  Nailing down the next sophomore class fundraiser.  Field trip time is coming soon.  An obligatory stop at Happy Hour on friday.  Four hours at the robotics competition yesterday.

3.  Incidentals of interest:  A new stove and microwave for our humble apartment.  A presentation on Thursday evening for the second master's degree.  Narrowly losing three matches in a charity beer pong tournament.  Finishing up the load for an on-line course.  Three visits to the gym. Finally played my actual guitar again for a little while.

4.  What the new week brings:  Mitosis/Meiosis lab tomorrow morning.  Isotopes and Beanium with the chemistry children.  Three work related meetings after school on various days this week, including a BOE meeting at 8pm.  Gym time will come again.  Another stop to home tutor the injured.  Unforseen union issues (certainly).  Two video games that I might actually have some time to play out on Tuesday.  Collecting data for a final paper.  Brewtopia on Friday!  70th Birthday party for my father on Saturday.

Whoever says that teachers don't do anything needs to be squarely and forcefully punched in the teeth.

Good Bye Incredible Hulk.

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