Travelogue- Down, Down, Down The East Coast

So we're about ten hours down the east coast. The wife steadily pilots our intrepid Civic down the road with her characteristic aplomb. Just me, Al and "Stephanie" (our robotic and throaty voiced GPS maven). We're well out of the godless Northeast and into god's chosen country, where Waffle Houses and Mason-Dixonry abound.

Anticipating the lack of radio in our chosen horseless carriage, I stuck a bunch of Genius Playlists on an iPod. Works real well, though I was just reminded that I need to figure out if "I'm Amazed" is a covert knock against evolution. Perhaps the readership can shed some light? (it's not).

Now we are in Richmond, and only getting further southerly by the instant.

A Southern Observation

A Bit of Stasis