I Hate Batteries

Especially expensive laptop ones. My lovely and fantastic macbook pro is only slightly more than a year old and the battery is royally fucked. When we got down to visit the relatives-in-law, it was holding a charge for about two hours. In the past three days, that sub-optimal amount has since dwindled to about twenty-five minutes. Seems our habit of using this computer hooked up to an external display with the AC adapter attached continually and the battery in the machine is not the proper way to do business. Blaaargghhh. Still, it's a small price to pay for a quite enjoyable computing experience. Specifically, it's $130 to replace the battery with an official mac replacement. However, I found the folks at fastmac who seem to offer an equivalent battery at $30 less than the macintosh folks. The replacement should be quietly waiting for me at home when we return to Long Island. So that's good news.

This technological age will be the death of me.

Note: This computer has dropped 25% of it's charge in the time it took to write this.

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