Battery Saga (part 2)

After cluing the readership in to my battery woes yesterday, I recieved an e-mail today from fastmac, the company that I had chosen to replace my faulty Apple battery with one of their own. Regrettably, I was informed, fastmac is running short on my chosen replacement product and does not expect more in stock for at least a month.  My card would not be charged until the product was in and shipped my way.  Terribly sorry. Etc., etc.

Seemingly par for the course, BUT here is where things get a whole lot sexier.  If I could not wait a month for a functional battery, fastmac was willing to supply me with an official first-party Apple battery discounted to the same price as their third-party replacement.  The product would ship my way as soon as I indicated my interest (which I promptly did--regrettably I need a battery ASAP and cannot wait a month for even a possibly superior product unless absolutely necessary).

Read that last paragraph over again if you need to.  In this day and age, it is a rare thing to find such chivalry alive and well on the internet.

Here's to fastmac.  A company that I heartily recommend.

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