Concert Ettiquette and the Lack Thereof

The wife and I attended a lovely concert last night.  Leo Kottke is always a mind-blowing time, what with all of the insane guitar stylings.  However, we couldn't help but notice that some of our fellow concert-goers seemed to have forgotten how to behave properly when attending live music. Consider the gentleman who felt the urge to request songs.  Why?  Only he could tell you.  Mr. Kottke didn't seem to particularly mind (though he did not play any of the requested tunes).  But I have a hard time understanding why I need to listen to said individual bray on like some sort of barnyard animal.

Or perhaps the person who felt the urge to video tape the performance, to the point that Mr. Kottke had to politely ask the individual to stop.  When the venue tells you not to and the artist tells you not to, don't you imagine that you shouldn't?

And then there were the people nearby who just had to talk...loudly and constantly.  Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence at most media exhibitions that I attend these days.  Still, it's a very obnoxious thing to do.

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