Why I'm Not Religious: Marriage

For the life of me, I'll never understand why people are against gay marriage.  Outside of a generalized hatred of homosexuals, of course.  Which brings me to this little website:  The National Organization For Marriage.  Technically, the organization should be named "The National Organization For Marriage Between One Man and One Woman," as that seems to be the entire aim of the site. Boring.

The minute someone can explain why two gay people getting married personally affects them in any way, or can supply me with demonstrable evidence that children raised in "straight" marriages are better off then children raised in "gay" marriages, maybe I'll give a moment of condescending attention before politely excusing myself.

The point to all this:  only religion would make a person subscribe to such an irrational, bigoted line (again, excepting those folks who just hate homosexuals, though they seem to be overwhelmingly religious as well).  Please note, I'm not saying that if you are religious, you are de facto a homophobe.  All I'm saying is that the homophobes that I see with any regularity all seem to be religious.

I mean, you really have to be crazy with the god virus to buy into something like this:


Only obediance to an archaic religious text could ever bring so many different people together for something so stupid.  How are the rights of anyone ever going to be threatened by broadening the definition of marriage?

If you're not in favor of gay marriage, don't marry a homosexual.  Otherwise, leave the rest of us alone.

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