Wherein my Prezi fame grows

The good folks at Prezi decided to write up a nice piece about my use of the platform in my classes, my general pedagogical ethic, my little crowd-funding venture, and all the rest of it.  They also used an awesome old, bearded photo of me. Do I quote myself?  Very well then, I quote myself:

“When I’m hacking out an activity, I’ll put it up for the AP Biology teacher community and people will add to it, write comments, that kind of thing. To be able to extend the professional learning network is huge, and it all goes towards helping a lot of kids learn science, which is kind of the bottom line.”

Anyone jonesing for some prezis can enjoy the lot of them here.  Because really, the only way to represent phylogeny is with a zoomable, stylized, tree-diagram:


Crowdfunding Complete!

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