Project Post: Organelle Silliness

Generally, when I make a new resource, I only announce it to the AP Biology Teacher Community.  For some reason or other, I finally realized that I can post them here, too, with minimum effort.  So, here's the first "Project Post", which is the verbatim text of the post made to the Teacher Community: I had a nice discussion with AP today, where I explained the variety of "silly" organelle projects that I have done in previous years:

  • Organelle campaign posters
  • Organelle Craigs List Ads
  • Organelle Facebook Profiles
  • Organelle Amazon Product Reviews

After discussing how each of these projects are functionally the same to my instructional purpose (what I will refer to as "let's fool around with organelles"), I let them vote on the one they wanted to do this year. Campaign posters won. So I wrote it up:

I broadened it a bit. Groups of two or three students. A pair has to make a poster and do one of three "free choice" activities. Groups of three have to do the poster and two of the three free choice.

The poster is pretty self-explanatory.

The free choice activities include:

  • A 30 second campaign ad (posted to YouTube).
  • A Campaign twitter feed (stolen almost whole-cloth from Brad Graba's inspirational #organelleWars project)
  • An Op. Ed. on the topic of their choice from the perspective of their organelle

I'll assign it tomorrow, and I imagine they'll want until 11/18 or so to work on it. Should be exactly what I want it to be.

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