You don't need a Powerpoint for Back To School Night.

You really don’t.  It’s completely unnecessary.  I know you think you do, but trust me on this one.  You are not impressing the parents of your students.  They want to see you talk to them about things that interest you regarding your practice.  Don’t make a slideshow just because you can.

This year, I noticed more slideware than ever at Back To School Night.  Which means that I noticed more badly designed and almost completely useless slideware than ever at Back To School Night.  

Back To School Night is perhaps the one moment in my own practice when I use less tech than many of my colleagues.  I write my name and contact info on the board, and have the class website up to show the parents.  Scene.

You don’t need a slideshow for any of that.

Remember friends:  If it doesn’t do anything, don’t use it.

Chromium OS: Why the hell not?