More Crazy CPAC Coverage

As if the parade of leading conservatives speaking at CPAC these past few days hasn’t been full of just enough crazy, today attendees were treated to the queen of insanity herself:  Michelle Bachmann.

The more politically astute readers might know Ms. Bachmann as the American politician who is quite possibly on the wrong side of more issues than any other. And as one of a handful who believe that they were called to serve by none other than god himself (oddly, all pol’s who feel this way also feel that god is a man).

Anyway, on with the blinding crazy!  Try this on for size:

Recalling an early trip Obama made abroad in which the president asserted that while he does believe in American exceptionalism he’s also sure other countries believe in their own superiority, Bachmann blasted him for not unequivocally establishing American dominance.

“If everyone is exceptional, then no one is exceptional,” she said.

Jesus fucking christ.  How did this lunatic ever get elected?  Oh, that’s right.  She’s from Minnesota, a state that has a Senator Franken and where Jesse “The Body” Ventura is known as “Former Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura.”

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