Scenes From The Sausage Mill: Who Really Cares What You Think?

I have noticed a certain trend in my current grad. class on school law, wherein certain students will proclaim that they disagree with one particular Supreme Court decision or another.

I get it.  It’s fun to argue.  Particularly when sitting in a class devoted to the law.  The urge to put on an imaginary lawyer cap and give it a whirl can be overwhelming.

But take a longer view.  Who really cares what you, hypothetical future administrator that you may become, thinks about the law of the educational land?  I know I don’t.  I know the rest of the class doesn’t.  And I’m pretty sure the district you will be administering won’t either.  They’ll just want you to do your best to make sure you don’t get them sued.  

What does it say about teachers that we feel we can weigh in about these things as if our opinions mattered one whit?