I make music:  Epic Theme for septuagenarian parents.

My dad is getting more and more tech-savvy by the moment, but he still has moments.  One such recent moment involved me pointing out to him that instead of sending me emails telling me about great articles that he read in the New York Times, he could just as easily email me a link to the article, thereby making my life a bit easier, and his a bit more hip to this mixed-up, crazy, internet.  This lead to him remarking that he would gladly do this if he knew how.

So, rather than just tell him, I decided to screencast a little video, which I assume is the first in a series (“tips for pop”).  New series = new theme song.  And since I was demonstrating the most mundane bit of computing practice that I could think of, I decided something suitably over-the-top was in order.  

I like the result, quite a bit. What do you think?

In which I am resisted by the techno-disinterested youth.