This seems like a big step backwards for Pearson, particularly as the market for their major Biology text gets more competitive as AP moves to the new curriculum framework.  I am hard-pressed to understand how “Bozeman Biology" is anything other than a major plus for Pearson in terms of Paul Anderson’s usage of their images. Paul is not the only teacher who received a notice yesterday.  Unpleasant and concerning.

I was about to start using my Prezi’s as the basis for my own videos, but that seems to be on hold for at least a little while (until either this get’s fixed, or I go through my Prezi’s and remove all Campbell images, which is no time soon).

I wonder if a take-down notice is heading my way for my Prezi’s soon?  I did write to a representative prior to using the media (and I have the emailed confirmation that they are aware of my usage and cool with it), but something tells me there may be some disconnect between the various branches of the company.  Besides, there is no difference at all between my prezi’s and the Bozeman videos.

I would encourage anyone who feel that this action (the claiming of copyright violations for the use of scientific diagrams in educational, non-profit videos and related materials) is not appropriate, should contact Pearson.  They tweet: @pearson

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