A Good Article on the Huffington Post!

I know, it’s shocking. But there is actually a good article up on “HuffPo”. Obviously, that means it’s not about science. It’s about programming, the shocking technological apathy of the modern student, and how there is precious little opportunity in American education for the twain to meet. The issues that Douglas Rushkoff discusses are a good synopsis of why I decided to step up and start teaching kids computer science this year (in a district that had no curriculum for it, whatsoever, before I got the urge to write one).

Of course, this being the Huffington Post, he has to overdo it a bit at the end:

"I’ve been a computer enthusiast since the late 70’s, and I still do believe that this is the moment we have been waiting for. We are gaining the ability to consciously participate in our evolution as a species. We are networking ourselves together into something perhaps greater than the sum of our many parts."

Ugghhhhh. So, he’s not an evolutionary (or particularly competent) biologist. That’s certainly nothing new in Arianna’s little digital rag. He’s still slinging an interesting looking book. I’ll have to see about getting me a copy…

Happy Birthday to Me!