The Final Move

The Final Move

So, we've finally landed here.

I know that we've moved around quite a bit over the past few years. That's more because of my continuing discomfort with the various platforms on which I've hosted the site.

I don't think that's going to be a problem anymore.

After much consideration, I've moved this whole bag of wax to SquareSpace. I have a few reasons for doing this:

  1. I want to take a bigger picture view of my web presence. I have a bifurcated web-life. There's school, and there's me. For a few reasons, I don't want to join these two spheres entirely. At the same time, I do want to present a web presence that's a bit more unified. This place is going to let me do that.

  2. Planning for the future. I don't imagine that my toddler is going to start wanting a website anytime soon, but when he does (an inevitability), I'd like to provide him with a space that we have total control over. I also would love to have the ability to provide my other family members with a friendly webspace to showcase their thoughts, creations, and all the rest of it.

  3. I'd want to unify my blogging. With all of the types of content that I have been cramming in to Pseudopodia up to this point, the structure of my blog is a bit ecclectic. I'd like to change that. To that end, I'll be breaking off a lot of the things that I used to jam into this blogging space into various other spaces on this website. It's already started

  4. I want a site that is clean and responsive. This is a major one for me. I spend more time than is healthy thinking about the aesthetics of this space. Squarespace has a great design ethic, and it makes my life considerably easier as a result.

As for how this will affect anyone who comes here to read what I write, it basically won't. I've set this week as the cutoff week for moving to this new site, and I have archived the past five years of blogging at this archival space. It's all just thrown in there, so various platform-specific features of wordpress, and tumblr, will not work in the posts at that site. Still, it's super-nice to have a total record of what I've written about, and shared with folks for the last long time. Who knows, I may even pull out the best gems and do something nice with them (once I find the extra time in my life that I have misplaced).

So that's it. I hope you enjoy this new space, and I look forward to seeing what it becomes.

As always, thanks for visiting.

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