I was inspired by this article in Nature, and this example (of a wider phenomenon) to construct a CV of my failures.  So here it is (I imagine this will be a work in progress for the rest of the life of this website).  The intention is not to dwell on what follows, but only to acknowledge that our failures are at least as important to us as our successes.


Employment & Academic Advancement that I have not been offered:


  1. District Administrator for Secondary Curriculum & Instruction, Deer Park UFSD.
  2. Director of STEM Education, Cold Spring Harbor UFSD.
  3. K-12 Director of Science, Glen Cove UFSD


  1. K-12 Director of Science, North Babylon UFSD
  2. K-12 Director of Science, Smithtown CSD
  3. K-12 Coordinator of Science & Research, Middle Country CSD
  4. Assistant Principal, Robert Frost Middle School, Deer Park UFSD
  5. Assistant Principal, Babylon High School, Babylon UFSD
  6. EdD Program, University of Pennsylvania (not accepted following interview weekend)


  1. STEM Director, South Country School District
  2. Science Chairperson, Great Neck South High School
  3. EdLD Program, Harvard University

Awards & Recognition I did not receive:

  1. NYS Outstanding Biology Teacher (2015 & 2016)
  2. NYS Presidential Award for Excellence in Math & Science Teaching (2015- Did not advance past state finalist)
  3. Kim Foglia AP Biology Service Award (2011- Awarded in 2012 )


  1. Assuming people feel the same way that I do.
  2. Overwhelming people with my workflow/personality.
  3. Carrying around guilt for prior mistakes.
  4. Taking people for granted.

This list does not track the many, many jobs that I have applied for and not been contacted for an interview (within a Fermi Estimate of 100).