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Ugly PD.

This clip is making the rounds currently. It's a covert video of one minute of Professional Development in Chicago Public Schools. It's pretty ugly:

I've had some less-than-stellar PD experiences in my career, but nothing quite like this.

Let's acknowledge that the trainer in the clip is modeling a particular instructional method, and that the minute of video shown in the clip is completely devoid of context. That said, I'm still not quite sure what the point of this PD is, or why CPS decided it was worth paying for. Surely there are more effective strategies to teach students context-appropriate vocabulary...

I'd like to think that were I a participant in the session, I'd have wisdom enough to "go to the bathroom," and never return.

I want more of this President

Books I Read:  "The Machinery of Life" by David Goodsell

Books I Read: "The Machinery of Life" by David Goodsell