I Write Emails: My Comments to the FCC

The FCC is taking early open comments on their proposed rule changes to their Open Networking policies. I would encourage anyone who is a fan of the current state of the internet to take advantage of the opportunity and let the FCC know how you feel. The following is the content of my email to the comment address:

Commissioner Wheeler,

I am writing to provide public comments on the proposed rule changes to the FCC Open Internet Notice of Proposed Rule Making. I am a member of the public, and as such, I can only respond to the information available to me from the news media, various advocacy groups, and the FCC's own website.

I will keep my comments short: It is my position that the FCC should do everything in their power to maintain as strong a position on equality of access to ISP delivery channels as possible for all users of the internet. To this end, I encourage the FCC to pursue policies that do not, under any circumstances, allow for ISP's to set up tiered internet access systems that deliver differential bandwidth to paying content/service providers over those who will not, or cannot pay for such accommodation.

The benefits of the current state of Network Neutrality are all around us as we use the products and services that equality of access and delivery have allowed to develop and flourish. I will suggest that should any proposed rule changes weaken this dynamic, our ability to continue to innovate in the areas that will be affected will be irreparably damaged. Were I in your position, I would not wish for such a stain on my record of accomplishments.

Thank you for your time and service.

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