Back and Gone Away

Freshly returned from a two-week vacation, I'm wrapping up my summer by starting to think about the upcoming school year. I'm a fan of yearly goals, and one of them this year is to focus much more locally on my classes, and my practice, and to turn down the volume on the larger teacher communities that I am a part of.

To that end, this blog is going to change a bit over the next year. In the main, updates will not be frequent. I may well use it to disseminate information about a few projects that I'm currently working on, but outside of that, you won't find the typical musings on teaching life that you have in the past. I plan to do a good bit of writing this year, but most of it is going to be just for me.

So thanks for visiting. If you are a teacher, I hope you have a rewarding and successful schoolyear!

A Few Recent Items of Note

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