Today's the Day!

Long time readers will remember that one of my large projects last year was helming a writing project for science teachers, where we all wrote on a common topic ("What is the value of letting students struggle in the science classroom?"). The essays were written, and collected, and some were even featured here. It was awesome.

Anticipating that we'd want to do it again this year, with more participants, and generally at a larger scale, I recruited a team of colleagues to help build a permanent online home for the project. The result is "Unity & Diversity", an online writing journal for science teachers. I hope you check it out, because I'm really quite proud of it. While you are there you can:

I hope you find some time to wander over to "Unity & Diversity", and read what a bunch of really great science teachers think about their craft. Working on the project has done more to counter the dominant narrative of "failing teachers, failing schools" than anything else that I have done recently.

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