Things for Class:  Lady Tasting Tea Spreadsheet Model

Things for Class: Lady Tasting Tea Spreadsheet Model

A conversation on the AP Biology Teacher Community led me to develp a little activity based on Fischer's Lady Tasting Tea story. The idea was to use it to introduce the idea of the difference between purely theoretical data and the kinds of outcomes that can come along in this random universe, on the way to discussions of hypothesis testing.

It worked for the purpose...maybe. One of the issues with my new job is that it's hard to know what really works well and what doesn't, as the students seem to hang in with pretty much any instructional modality. I don't know if I'll use it again next yea (my general dislike of repeating myself in my practice seems to have come through my stint as an admin unscathed), but here it is for any interested parties to do with what they wish.

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