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Parent Thoughts: Bed Training

Generally, I don't write a lot about parenting here.  There are a few reasons for this.  On one hand, I'm aware of the panoply of "writing about parenting" places that exist.  On the other hand, generally consider what I do as a parent to be anything special, or all that "write-worthy."  This may, in fact, be the first post I've ever written that comes close to a post about parenting.

I'm comfortable with who I am as the parent of a 21-month-old.  I think I do a pretty solid job, and I think that my wife does an amazing one.  I consider myself to be a pretty typical "modern" parent, in that I don't really give any thought to any of the more reactionary parenting styles that may have been common in the past.  For a first-time parent, I'm doing good, in that I am doing my best.  By all measures, Connor has been an "easy baby".  His health is generally excellent, and he is the definition of developmentally appropriate.  We haven't really had to struggle with too much in terms of his behavior, and he has seemed to sync up with us as naturally as can be expected from a new person.    The whole endeavor has been an exercise in good fortune.