David Knuffke

David Knuffke teaches kids science at Singapore American School.  Prior to this he spent 14 years as a teacher and then as the Curriculum Associate for Science & Technology for Deer Park UFSD in New York.  

David graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in Biology, and has a Masters of Arts in Teaching Biology and a Masters of Science in Technological Systems Management. He also holds Administrative Certification in New York State in both School Building Leadership and School District Leadership.  His major professional interests center around the broad pursuit of progressive science education pedagogies with a major focus on NGSS-centered approaches.  From a technological standpoint, David is an outspoken advocate for intelligent, free, and open uses of information technology (both educational, and non-educational). 

David is actively involved in the science teaching community. He was the Suffolk County STANYS Biology Subject Area Representative, a member of the NYSED Science Standards Writing Team, and the erstwhile Moderator of the College Board AP Biology Teacher Community.  David was a New York State Master Teacher, a 2015 New York State Finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching, and a past recipient of both the Kim Foglia AP Biology Service Award, and the Suffolk County STANYS High School Science Teacher of the Year.

In addition to his professional interests, David enjoys spending time with his family, and the various projects that occupy his time.

Selected Works and Projects:


David's educational website, which include the AP Biology and Honors Chemistry course pages that he maintained for his Deer Park students, and where he also makes his materials freely available to any interested colleagues.  

Course Videos

David has produced a series of videos to served as the major texts in his courses. He was also the instructor for the "Get-a-Five" AP Biology video series, released in 2013 (this series is also free, but requires you to enroll).  

AP Biology Course Prezi Presentations

David is the creator of an extensive and popular series of Prezis that span the length and breadth of his “pre-2012” AP Biology curriculum (and are available for reuse and modification by any interested party).  


David writes about education on his blog.  He wrote about his experiences as an administrator at AdminThoughts

Horizontal Transfer

David was the co-host of "Horizontal Transfer", a weekly (then bi-weekly, and finally non-weekly) science education podcast with Paul Andersen.   


You can learn more about working with David here and you can support his work here.