Oh, The Irony

That last post got me thinking about two things: 1.  I bet youtube has all sorts of other nifty time-lapse videos.

2.  Isn't it ironic that the only beings that we know of that are capable of understanding the universe function in a realm of time and space that is so far removed from those in which most of the universe functions?  I mean, if I could show my students plants according to the time-schedule of the plants, they would no longer be the most boring thing I teach.  Or if I could watch chemical reactions at the level of the individual molecules involved, that would be insane.  Of course, I probably wouldn't even know what I was watching.

Apologies to Natalie Angier, as I believe she made this point in a great book that I recently read.  Or maybe it was Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Or possibly both of them.


Well, He Certainly Never Spoke For Me.

How's this for a Memento Mori?