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Once Upon A Time...

We are fans of honesty around here.  So I have to admit that there was a time when I would have responded to this announcement by the gentlemen who comprise the musical group Phish by clearing my schedule, calling all of my friends and scheming to no end to secure tickets for these upcoming concerts.  It really wouldn't have mattered what else was going on in my life.  I would be at these concerts. Time is a funny thing.  Five years after my last Phish concert, five years into my "career," it's funny how my perspective has changed.  There are simply more important things in my life than paying $50 a ticket ($50!?!) to go see a great group of musicians playing music that used to comprise ~90% of what I listened to.  I have to say that my initial reaction to the news of a new tour was simply to sigh and offer a resigned "I hope they come around here."  The days of me going there to see a band play music are over, whoever that band may be.

So welcome back Phish.  Glad to see you.  Gladder still that I no longer have the urge to actually see you.  Though I'm sure I'll try to grab some tickets if you come up this way.

A Humble Suggestion...

I wonder if they have 700 billion dollars to spare?