Facebook Trends That Indicate I'm Getting Old

Presented in no particular order: 1.  I am consistently uneasy with the content that former students place on their facebook pages.  Two recent examples should help me make my point:  In the first, a former student is tagged by friends who recorded her drunken ramblings on the phone and posted said ramblings on the facebook for all of facebook to listen to.  In the second, a different former student has a conversation with a "friend" on her home page wherein the friend in question is berating her for being a "slut" (and not in a funny way).  Why allow either of these things to take place?  In the first, the student should well be able to explain that such an invasion of privacy is unacceptable.  In the second, why would someone allow any "friend" to pollute their facebook profile with such trash?  The e-tolerance of the youth seems to be significantly greater than my own.

2.  I am now friends with my in-laws and extended family.  Not really "friends" in the traditional sense.  Still, there they are.  Once my 96-year-old grandmother joins, I'm out like the gout.

3.  I have no use for every application that comes my way indicating that I have been:

  • bitten/attacked by <insert monster here>.
  • given any type of virtual gift.
  • hit with virtual food or snowballs.
  • asked to sign a petition of any particular stripe.

All of these things seem to be the Facebook equivalent of obnoxious forwarded e-mails and I feel exactly the same way about the former as I do about the later.

4.  I have discovered a corollary.  as the amount of people that I know on facebook increases, my interest in remaining a member decreases.

5.  I have an increasingly difficult time differentiating facebook from myspace.  The generally accepted distinction that "myspace is trashier than facebook" still seems to hold true, however, I am increasingly less sure of its veracity.

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