Why I'm Not Religious

(Thanks to PZ Myers for bringing this one to my attention) Here's a story about a 9-year old girl who was raped by her stepfather, conceived twins, had an abortion and...condemned by the Catholic church.

Then the church excommunicated all of the doctor's involved in the procedure and the child's mom, sparing the child as she is too young (and presumably knows not what she did).

One person who was spared excommunication was the step-rapist.   Here is the justification offered by Gomes Sorbrinho, the archbishop in charge of the Brazilian area where this occurred:

"He committed an extremely serious crime. But that crime, according to canon law, is not punished with automatic excommunication."

In defense of the Catholic Church, they are demonstrably in favor of the sexual abuse of children.

Why does anyone give a shit about what such a morally corrupt organization has to say about anything?  How difficult is it to see that any ethic that allows for child rape, but disallows for aborting the fetus that results is completely and utterly devoid of anything resembling compassion?

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