This might be useful

The above link will take you to my course infostripe, which is a mobile-formatted HTML5 template site for my students.  The idea being that students can just bookmark this link on their various smart phones, and get access to all of the online resources that I have to offer.  Seems like it might actually advance my initiative of communicating with students in formats that they dwell in.  

It also represents the first “legitimate” use of a QR code that I have been able to figure out.   By giving students a QR code to the site, I can pretty much guarantee that students will access the thing through a smart phone, which is pretty much the point.  

If I have one gripe, It’s that I can’t set up multiple infostripes with the same email address. So all of my classes get smushed together on one, and the personal one that I am currently making has to use a different email address.  But that’s small potatoes.  

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