Having a Bit of Fun

So, I’m being observed on Thursday.  Not the traditional “here comes your boss” style.  My district offers a professional studio option, wherein my boss, two other teachers, and their bosses all come in to see what I’m doing.  I get a pre- and post-observation conference, too.  

Being as how I figure that more eyes on my room will lead to more feedback, I love the model (sadly, it’s a model that there probably will not be room for after the new changes to the APPR come through next year).  Being as how I can’t help myself, I figured I would throw in a bit of a challenge to my colleagues in the lesson plan that I had to submit.  

I haven’t written a full lesson plan in a good long while.  It’s not a problem for me to do it, and this is not me grousing about having to do it.  After I wrote it, I went over to the educational jargon generator and generated a few choice terms to insert at various places in the plan.  It should be fun to see if anyone who is reading the plan notices. Granted, given my propensity for logorrhea, they may very well just come across as me being me…

Update:  No one called me on my shenanigans.  But I did get some good and actionable feedback.  If I had to pick, I’d take the later over the former any day.

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