How Many Chris's: Vanilla vs. Chocolate

In the second of the ongoing series that looks to the eponymic members of my building’s English department, the four Chris’s weigh in on the age old question of Vanilla vs. Chocolate.

Chris 1: So why not perseverate on one of the more important choices in life, like “vanilla or chocolate?” Fortunately, I was afforded the opportunity to the perfect taste test tonight. We stepped into Carvel and without a hint of hesitation, my daughter asked for vanilla and my son ordered chocolate. Of course, mom’s spoon visited both the vanilla and the chocolate. The winner, by a small margin, is vanilla. There are two things this mom can be sure about. 1. - Going for the vanilla/ chocolate twist is a mistake. The chocolate is overpowering and the sweet vanilla gets lost in the mix. A person can’t enjoy either one together. 2. - Kids are great at sharing : )

Chris 2: Chocolate chip cookie dough; I get a little bit of vanilla and chocolate in every bite.

Chris 3: I prefer vanilla over chocolate. In high school, I worked in a candy store that sold chocolate by the pound and after a while I couldn’t take the smell anymore. Plus you can dress up vanilla if you want to change the flavor a bit.

Chris 4: Chocolate EVERYTHING, except ice cream; that’s a vanilla situation with chocolate accoutrements.

Verdict:  Unresolved, though distinctly towards the use of vanilla in iced creams, particularly as a base.  

I want to play with this.