I make music:  ”K-Cast” Chiptune Jingle Extravaganza

I have been creating a series of screencasts for a variety of educational purposes lately.  Given that I have some small understanding of production values, I figure that intro jingles will go a long way toward some sort of cohesive branding of the videos.  Plus, I like to screw around with electronic music and such, so it gives me an excuse.  

I’ve run up a few of them at this point, so I thought I might start posting them, in the order in which they were created.  Here’s the first one.  

It was made on the (free) aviary roc music creator, and I was trying to make it as “chip-tuney” as possible for a retro feel.  Like if you fired up an NES and this came out of the speakers on your CRT TV.