Look What I Built!

A few years back, I fooled around with running blogs (plural) for my AP Biology class.  It was something that I eventually abandoned, as I felt the amount of effort needed to monitor individual blogs for my students was too much, and the payoff was too little for the students.

A few years on, I’ve decided to give it another shot.  So I built a class blog (which you can access by clicking the link at top of this post).  One blog, to which all students will be able to access and be expected to contribute.  Maybe this is the difference that is necessary, I don’t know.  

Anyway, a bit of Wordpressery and the thing is up and running.  Not too much there yet, but it’s at the point where I will start to invite students the chance to put their summer journal assignments on the thing, before I make them start posting with the beginning of the year.

Less than 24 hours in to the summer, and already, thoughts turn toward next year.  Such is the teaching life.  

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