Re.Vu: Now, that's an online resume

I have been fooling around with how to create an online resume for some time now.  Initially, I just took my offline resume and coded it in to a webpage, which was functional, but somewhat more homespun than I might like.  

Someone turned me on to, and its style appeals to me.  Click the link to see my new online resume.  Pretty sweet.

Again, as with any new online tool, I could use a few features that aren’t quite there just yet:

  • I would like to be able to change the titles and axis labels for the different info-graphics on offer.  For instance, it’s not “interests over time”, it’s extra-curricular activities.  
  • The “Portfolio” and “Work Examples” are great, but a lot of my stuff lives online.  Why no ability to include hyperlinks.  That would be swell.
  • It would be great to have an ability to rss feed things (like this blog, for instance…or my twitter feed).  
  • Some other chicklets at the top would be great, too.  Particularly one for my public Prezi page…

Again, minor considerations.  And the product as it currently is is awesome.  Hopefully, things continue to get more so over time.  

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