We need a new typing program (adventures in administrative interning #1)

While I will not become an official administrative intern until May 21st, I have begun getting various tasks to begin filling my hour requirement with.  Most of them are pretty rote things, but one of the first was being tasked with investigating replacement typing programs for our elementary student population.  

Here’s what we currently use:

"Paws in Typing Town"!  You may be unfamiliar with the program.  You can be forgiven for your ignorance.  Here’s how you install “Paws in Typing Town!”

That’s right.  I currently have in my possession actual 3.5 inch floppy disks.  Of course, I don’t have a drive to use them in, but still, it’s pretty great.  

Now, you may be asking yourself what kind of machine is needed to run “Paws in Typing Town!”.  Here are the system specs if you want to run it off of the dual-boot CD-ROM that is included:

4 MB of free ram.  Quite the benchmark.  And Windows 3.1 or HIGHER!  Sorry, Windows 3.0 users, you’re out of luck.

Odd that “Paws in Typing Town!” isn’t playing well with our new power management software.  

I’m not even all that clear on how we are currently running “Paws in Typing Town!” on our district computers.  The High School is a land of XP and OSX.  

I think I’ll be able to handle this particular task without too much of a problem.

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