Ridiculous Blocks On the School Web Filter #2

Todays batch of silly blocks deals with game-related topics (aka:  Why it is silly to default block anything that deals with the word “game”):

  1. Metacritic Game Reviews:  Not only can you not play any games on the district network, you can’t read about other people playing them either.
  2.  Gwap (for “games with a purpose”) are a series of “games” that are intended to make the various automated systems on the internet smarter.  Anyone who plays a gwap game is actually helping everyone who has ever been annoyed by an image search or an OCR mistake in a digital text.
  3. is a free, game that teaches users about protein structure while allowing them to lend a hand in cracking various proteomic problems.  Clearly, such things are NOT appropriate for students (do you have any idea where some of those proteins have been?).