What Is Wrong With This Country, Expressed as a Sandwich

I caught this one on the ole google reader and thought it was worthy of the Pod.  iPad be damned, readers will be glad to know that the KFC Double Down Sandwich releases on April 12.  

What’s the “Double Down”?  Would you believe that it is a “sandwich” that consists of two pieces of fried chicken “bread” surrounding bacon and cheese?  No, you probably wouldn’t believe that, but your doubting won’t make it any less true.  

When I was a boy, the good folks at KFC helmed a company named “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, until they decided that “Fried” was a negative connotation in an increasingly health-conscious climate.  Am I to understand that by turning to the Double Down for their sales salvation, such concerns are now rendered moot in the fattest nation on Earth?


Still, since we are now taxing tanning booths to pay for our new healthcare, shouldn’t we also tax any establishment that sees fit to serve a meat on meat sandwich?  

'Hate' is Such A Strong Word