Week Accounting: Monday

I thought it might be fun to keep track of the hours that I spend at work this week, in refutation of the ceaseless tide of “teachers have so much free time” argument that crops among the more traditional, Monday-Friday “9-to-5” crowd.  

For simplicity, I will log the time I leave for work in the morning, and the time that I return home, with a brief explanation of why I might not be home right after school on a particular day.  Similarly, if I need to go out again after getting home for a work related reason (I’m looking at you, tomorrow evening), I’ll put that in to the total as well.

On the weekend, I will count any time spent on work tasks.

So here is day one:

Monday, 3/14,  2011:

Time Leaving The House: 6:10 am  

Time Back Home:  5:20pm

Reason For Delay:  After school extra help, followed by an executive board union meeting.

Total Work Time Today:  11 hours, 10 minutes.