Twitter Hearts Cheney

Poor Dick Cheney.  Hospitalized with chest pains and “resting comfortably.”  As we have discussed before, the former vice-president (who is technically a cyborg) is not what one would describe as a “heart healthy” individual.

Admittedly, I am not a fan.  And I am not alone.  Here are a sampling of the tweets that come up when you search “Cheney” on twitter at current:

@badbanana: Dick Cheney should listen to his doctors and start eating leaner puppies.

@GottaLaff: Definition of Dick Cheney “resting comfortably”: Watching old torture tapes while eating babies.

@sucittaM: Dick Cheney may need a blood donor. Does anyone have type evilblackdeath negative?

@markos: Don’t worry about Dick Cheney. He got immortality as part of his deal with Satan.

@trubnad What happened to Cheney? Lesbian ambush?

Brussels_Sprout Dick Cheney hospitalized? So… many…. jokes…

S___Elliott Cheney tortured, in retaliation, by his own heart

@WestWingReport: “Which has Cheney had more: heart attacks or draft deferments?” WWR had to look it up. Draft deferments by a nose, 5-4.

Ouch.  To my own mind, wishing for Cheney to die, especially prior to some sort of formal, legal recognition of just how illegal and immoral his tenure was as vice president, is just lazy.

Feel Better, Dick.

For the record, my favorite one is the puppies line.