Vote Ivan Cohen

A friend of mine turned me on to the campaign website of Ivan Cohen, who is running for something or other in Philadelphia this year.

Mr. Cohen is an “incorruptible” individual whose life has not all been "peaches and cream".  He is also, pretty clearly, designing his own website, which is notable for many things, including the amount of news items it has listed three days before election day.  

C’mon Philly!  I have a hard time believing that there is any other candidate in the city who has the remarkable web sense to have their homepage auto-play “Carmina Burana” every single time you load it.  

In light of all of this, Pseudopodia is proud to endorse Mr. Cohen for whatever the hell it is that he is running for.  This not only makes Mr. Cohen the first (and most likely the only) individual running for office this year who will receive our endorsement, it also seems that our endorsement is the only one that Mr. Cohen will most likely receive.