Late Stage AP Bio Review Strategies 2015

We've been reviewing pretty heavily in AP Biology for the past few weeks. We've been working pretty logically from topics through to more thematic activities. Here, at the end, I decided to have students do some mapping of course work to the Big Ideas of the course. Students were given cards that contained all of the Essential Knowledge statements from the Big Ideas, and were asked to organize them into a conceptual framework (period 1). That established, I asked them to go back through the two practice exams that we have done, and determine where the exam items fit on their maps, along with connecting coursework and other notions.

I've attached some .pdf's of their work below. Results were a bit mixed, but I still think giving students dedicated time with the Big Ideas at the end of the review sequence is a useful exercise.

Big Idea Maps

Even Later Stage AP Bio Review Strategies!

Lost in Emoji Translation