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Even Later Stage AP Bio Review Strategies!

Today was the last day of AP Bio before students take the exam on Monday morning. I'll hold a weekend review session tomorrow, but today's class was the last time I would see some of my students before they sit for their "3-hour tour" next week. That being the case, I thought it was important to make our review strategies as useful as I could muster here at the end.

Aside from an "open review" for any questions students might still have, I also used our time to have students work in pairs to create "Top 10" lists of content and vocabulary for each of the 7 course domains, along with my one singleton for the day (lousy odd number of students!) working on a list of "Top 10" review strategies for these last few days. I gathered all of the results, and put them all together into this document (embedded below for extra laziness), which I pushed out to all of my students. The whole thing took about a period. I don't think it was a bad use of the last few moments of pre-exam course time.

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Late Stage AP Bio Review Strategies 2015