The Big Yellow Thing Makes Me Itch

So, I returned from my latest vacation to discover that I have developed a photosensitivity (sun allergy), wherin prolonged exposure to the sun causes me to develop small irritated areas all over my tannest areas.  Too bad I didn't get a handle on it until I got home but we still had a blast on the honeymoon, if just slightly more itchy than normal. It's almost as if the sun is a source of powerful energy that can have remarkable and far-ranging affects even at this distance...

Perhaps this is some sort of divine retribution for my godlessness?  Or maybe it's an acquired condition that is thought to be caused by my immune system responding to a chemical that is present in skin tissue that is altered by exposure to UV-light.  To say nothing of a family history of transient episodes of the condition (or so Pop tells me).

On a related note, topical corticosteroids are a medical miracle.

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