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The Return of Sore Loserman

Just got around to watching Meet The Press from yesterday.  Viewers are treated to a debate between John Kerry (Obama surrogate) and Joe Lieberman (McCain surrogate). Two points jump out at me:

1.  What the fuck is wrong with Joe Lieberman?  Some sort of brain illness??  I can only hope that a more decisive democratic majority will relegate him to the shadows, where back-benchers can throw doughnuts at him...or possibly put him in some sort of dunk tank.  I mean, he's seriously considering speaking at the Republican National Convention.

2.  Why would Obama send Kerry on to the biggest sunday-morning stage to battle for him?  I don't think I have ever heard the man say anything that wasn't prefaced with five minutes of prevarication.  The guy would bring a thesaurus to a knife fight.

What the hell is wrong with us?

The Big Yellow Thing Makes Me Itch