Politics Roundup: I can't really believe these things.

Opensecrets posted this analysis of military contributions suggesting that troops stationed abroad are donating 6 times as much campaign scratch to Barack Obama than they are to John McCain.  While that kind of news makes me happy, I really have a hard time believing it to be the case.  Maybe it has something to do with John's habit of making comments like this. The only other political story that I really caught today, was that the jackass who published Unfit for Command has just published a comparable book about Obama.  Turns out he really is a covert muslim.  Who knew?  I hope that Obama has learned the Kerry lesson and fights this guy down to the wire.

Finally, here's the Zogby 50-State poll as it currently stands.  Zogby is the official pollster of the Pod...only because John Zogby often and freely admits that he really doesn't know what the hell he's doing.

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