Olympics Roundup

Being that we endeavor to provide at least a smattering of coverage for significant world events, I'd like to offer a few observations of the Olympics: 1.  For some reason, I find this years version to be much more watchable than the last few iterations.  Perhaps this is more due to my shifting attention and the desires of my new wife, but personally I think it has to due with the super slo-mo hi-def shots that NBC puts up before the commercial breaks.  That, and the cool multiple exposure shots of the divers.  Everything just seems so much more like a Leni Riefenstahl film in super slo-mo hi-def.

2.  It seems like NBC has given every event at least one announcer who is fucking terrible.  I like it when they predict the wrong winner or misestimate the judge's scores.

3.  All respect to Michael Phelps, but I can't help notice that the eight olympic medal record is a little silly.  I mean, the US ladies beach volleyball team is whupping all comers, but they'll only get one medal at the end.  And it's not like the olympics has eight marathons.

4.  Due to the fact that we are watching the games essentially as they occur, we occasionally forget to pause the DVR during commercials.  Which means that I've had to watch this commercial too many times (WARNING:  Terrible and Bizarre!):


5.  Anyone who competes on the steel rings is a total badass.

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